Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spring Fabrics

I have an addiction/affinity/obsession with textiles, of all different sorts.
A while back I worked for a short stint for an interior designer, nothing glamourous.
However, one of my jobs was to sort new fabric samples that arrived, and weed out the old fabrics.
And by weed out the old fabrics, I mean load-them-up-in-my-car-and-find-some-space-in-my-house-for-them.
About once every other month my husband asks me
"when can I get rid of these?"
and my responce is
"but I love them, and I might need these fabrics one day!"
Yep, I have a problem. I just need bigger closets, or better yet, a studio space.

All that to say........
Here are a few that I have picked up for the spring clothing items I will be making for Jack-n-Jill.
I am really excited to execute a few "garments"... now only to find the time to do so.
I'm always open to suggestions, feel free.


Olivia said...

i LOVE these fabric choices!!!!!!!

Joy said...

Wow! Those are some lovely choices! Beautiful!