Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jump Rope Dress

I have been waiting and waiting for this pattern to be available for a few months now, its from Oliver + S, one of my favorite pattern makers.

(yes, it was a crazy hair day)
Its one of the more challenging peices I have made, not hard, just more time consuming than I would have thought.

and that is because I tend to make easier patterns, or just "make up " a pattern as I go.

This particular dress, has a placket, which was intimitating to me, especially since 1/3 of the instructions were dedicated to making it alone. However, they were very clear and easy to read, and I was super pleased with the results.

I think next time I would use a different pattern of fabric. I love this corduroy, and I had it already, and since fall is upon us, it seemed appropriate. However some of the detail is lost in the pictures and can only been seen close up. (Placket, sleeve detail and belt loop finishing)
Not to mention that Parkey was totally distracted by a neighbor and just wanted to talk to her instead of smiling. But the dress is so fun and I am super pleased with it, I would love for their to be an adult version of this pattern for myself.

Friday, September 25, 2009

and here is the shirt, giddey-up

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A little more applique.
I am going to be making a few of these also to sell, and I am trying to figure out the best way of display and options. Since they will be custom ordered, I will need a few samples I think, and then fabric choices, as well as having the shirts on hand. Overall it will be a little bit more of an "initial" investment, however I think that these will do well. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to market them?

This was a custom order. I had made a few to sell at Jack and Jill, and apparently hadn't made enough in the larger sizes. I had forgotten to take pictures of the first round, so here it is.

And, yes, these are just like the shirt and skirt, that I had made in the spring, that were featured on the cover of the Knoxville Kids Directory circular.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cowboy Pants

Lined cowboy pants, soon to be featured at Jack and Jill, but not quite yet.
I know that I've made about 50 trillion things out of this fabric, but I obviously truly love it. I have a hard time finding boy fabric that I would like enough to sew that isn't $15 a yard. So giddy-up!
I will be making a shirt to match as well that is a long sleeved white shirt, with  the horse and red check fabric applique.  For now,  just the pants.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pink and blue polk-a-dot bib and burp cloth. Made for my sister to give as gifts. They are super sweet with a soft monogram on each one.

Pears and Stripes

Skirt and shirt for Jack n Jill, $40.

I have had this fabric in my stash for about 6 months, and have been dying to use it. Just waiting for a change in the weather to justify it.

Here are both of the skirts, the one on the left (with the matching shirt) is for sale at Jack n Jill, sizes 2-5. The skirt on the right is the one I made for Parkey, it has a flat front panel, with a gathered elastic back and a ruffle at the bottom, a little more mature look.