Friday, June 19, 2009

G is for Giselle!!!!!

Sadie Parkers greatest friend at school is a little girl named Giselle.
We have been at VBS this week, and Giselle came with us, and the girls had a blast.
SP thought it would be great on the last day for the two of them to have matching shirts. So that is what we did. It doesn't take much for me to sew, especially if my daughter is wanting to be a part of it. I had wanted to get a picture of the two of them in the shirts, but Rubes was sick and I had to stay at home with her, instead of teach the class.Her mom did call to tell me that Giselle had yet to take the shirt off. The same with SP, I had to wash it while she was sleeping last night.

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ginaburch said...

i want to be best friends with SP:)